Zulu Flowzion works together with individuals and groups so you can actualize and realize your life ambitions and manifest your highest purpose. Drawing on his 12 years of qigong, neigong, meditation and manifestation practice as well as his 8 years’ life coaching and personal training experience, Zulu has developed a holistic system that combines the ancient meditative arts with modern coaching and transformation techniques. His programs are designed to empower you in getting the results you want in your life, and to distinctly improve your health, strength and mental and physical performance.
Specializing in high-performance environments and working with high caliber athletes in a variety of sports anyone looking to improve their results can benefit from working with Zulu. Some of the benefits of on-going work with the Flowzion programs and techniques include: On a physical level you can expect: improved strength, agility, recovery, health, fitness, physical energy, and healing, (long term ailments have greatly diminished in clients after just one session.)
Mentally, you will be more balanced, calm, have a quieter/sharper mind, hold less anxiety and stress and enjoy increased awareness. Emotionally, you will see more joy, peace and magnetism in your self as you add fulfillment to your life through conscious manifestation.
Flowzion’s services are fit for individuals or groups; offering your team, whether sports or business, a system of personal transformation that produces targeted improvements in general health, physical strength and emotional well-being for all participants. Flowzion focuses on applying these ancient forms of meditation (qigong/neigong) to achieve peak performance in all areas of life, and has helped hundreds of people actualize their goals, dreams and top their personal bests.
Zulu Flowzion has the tools and expertise to help you to carve out the most effective path for your daily mental and physical training; leading you towards holistic health and the future you have always dreamed of!
“If you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable to your amazingness and help you get out of your own way, Zulu’s your guy. He sees the light within you and not only helps you see it for yourself, but also to turn up the dial. He’ll call you on your shit, give you a bit of tough love and speak to the deepest parts of you. You will be challenged, inspired, mind blown, stretched and ultimately changed after working with him; feeling a sense of authenticity and empowerment like never before” – Matt, Australia


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